Watertown Police Department Explorer Post 119

Welcome to the Official Website of Watertown Police Department Explorer Post 119.

Feel free to explore our site. We hope it helps you understand the purpose and mission of the Police Explorer Program.

Interested in Becoming an Explorer?

Watertown Police Department Explorer Post 119 provides a great opportunity for youth looking into a career in Law Enforcement. Explorers are exposed to a variety of police tactics and procedures which help strengthen your teamwork skills, communication skills, and overall character as a person. As an Explorer, you will learn if the law enforcement field is the right career for you!

What Do Explorers Do?

Police Explorers get a first hand look at the law enforcement career field. Explorers meet twice a month for training of various law enforcement related hands on training. Explorers also assist the Watertown Police Department at public events such as parades. Explorers also can participate in the Ride Along Program, where each Explorer can ride with an officer and observe what the WPD does on a daily basis.

What Do Explorers Learn?

Explorers train on many fundamental police topics, including: Traffic Stops, Radio Communication Procedures, Accident Scene Procedures, Accident Investigation, Robbery Investigation, Burglary Investigation, Bomb Threat Response, Traffic Control, Handcuffing Techniques, Building Searches, 911 Communications, and First Aid & CPR.