About Us

Watertown Police Department Explorer Post 119 is a volunteer program provided in part by The Explorer Program of the Boy Scouts of America. This program provides young people with the solid information about the adult world they are preparing to enter. The program gives today’s teenagers a chance to find out first hand about a wide variety of careers in special interests. As a career awareness program, it provides insight for young adults to the aims and objectives of sponsoring agencies and, in many instances, encourages them to develop their careers within these professions.


Police Explorers get a first hand look at the law enforcement career field. Explorers meet twice a month for training of various law enforcement related hands on training. Explorers also assist the Watertown Police Department at public events such as parades. Police Explorers are led by an explorer captain and two explorer sergeants. Advisors of the program are certified police officers of the Watertown Police Department. Advisors aid and assist the explorers in many aspects of the program.


Once a year police explorers have a chance to participate in a statewide explorer challenge. The challenge is held various locations with other explorer posts. Explorers from across the state compete in the challenge. Explorer advisors grade each post and one is rewarded a trophy for being the overall most impressive post. Explorers are graded in several topics including: professionalism, performance, physical fitness, and post presentation.


Several current full time officers of the Watertown Police Department participated in the Police Explorer program prior to joining full-time as police officers.If you are interested in joining the Explorer Post and are between the ages of 14 – 21, please contact the Watertown Police Department at (605) 882-6210 and ask to speak with an explorer advisor.